In 2012 nearly 10 Billion dollars was spent on Internet Advertising. This method of advertising continues to grow and show positive results for most companies. But even with such great growth there are still thousands of companies that have not EVER started a pay per click campaign. So what has prevented so many from starting such campaigns?


1. Still A New Method of Advertising.

For many business owners Pay per Click Advertising is still relatively new. They’ve seen it, they have used it as a consumer but overall they still don’t understand how to benefit from it. So many just choose to use methods of advertising that are common to them.


2. Still seems complicated.


Many times even after an explanation of PPC advertising, many still walk away not understanding how it actually works because it seems too technical. The reality is that it’s not much different from traditional advertisement. The owner buys print space or radio time, and the consumer listens and responds to said advertising. What makes the advertising successful is the time that it took to create an effective ad that had the necessary call to action to create a consumer response. Businesses normally don’t get a chance to appreciate this part of the marketing process.


PPC advertising works in a similar way as traditional advertising, the business owner must rely on the ability of the marketing representative to create the best possible ad that will get them the best possible return.


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3. It’s too expensive!


Many companies still think that you need thousands of dollars for a Pay per Click campaign. But the reality is that even a small budget campaign can get you results. The better you prepare and target a pay per click campaign the better your results are, even if your budget is just a few hundred a month. Obviously, you will have limited results but at least you can measure your return on investment with a well-managed pay per click campaign.


Markithis can help you start a PPC Campaign for as low as $595


The key aspect to remember is the fact that mobile and tablets are quickly changing the way we advertise. It’s important that all businesses begin to discover ways to use online marketing as a way to attract new business. Let one of Markithis representatives briefly meet with you so you can see if an online marketing program can be created for your business.

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