EPIC FAIL #1 – They Don’t Have An Email Marketing Campaign


This may or may not be you but there are still many companies that don’t even have an email marketing campaign. What we mean by an email marketing campaign is a scheduled Email Campaign that goes out on a timely and regular basis.


EPIC FAIL #2 – No Scheduled Campaigns


Most companies don’t have a scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly campaign. If you want to have  a successful campaign then you need to take the time to get your audience into a routine. Once you begin a campaign it will take time to prepare the information that you will send out with each campaign.


EPIC FAIL #3 – Way Too Much Information In Their Campaigns


Don’t send an entire magazine worth of content through an email campaign. Having to much information on an email campaign will turn readers away. There should be brief summaries of the content you wish to share and if your audience is interested then they can click through to read more. You should also make sure to include pictures and if possible video links.


EPIC FAIL #4 – Not Formatted For Mobile Use


Did you know that Forbes predicts that mobile sales will grow to 87% by 2017? Simple statistics like this demonstrates how important it is for companies to format there email marketing campaigns to be compatible with mobile use.


EPIC FAIL #5 – Poorly Planned Content


Imagine if the New York Times never sat down to plan what will go on each page of their newspaper? Then why are we not planning the content. It takes proper planning to come out with a weekly email campaign that makes sense, not only do you have to find the content but you must also make sure that the content coincides with events and holidays.

EPIC FAIL #6 – No Strategies On Building Their Email List


Sadly, there are companies that don’t even collect their customer emails or collect them and are committing EPIC FAIL #1. You may already have a decent list of emails but what are you doing to increase that list. Recsitemprancont go ask alice song You have to realize that customers will drop off your list so you need to constantly find creative ways to keep adding to your list. Try to find ways to give incentives for customers to add their email to your campaign.


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