Are you ONLY using Facebook for your social media? There are many people who prefer to use Google+ or Twitter or Instagram for their social media entertainment.  Here is why your social media presence should be everywhere!


1. Google+ is Growing Everyday


Here is the first reason you should be everywhere: Did you know that an average of 625,000 people join Google+ every day? If you could sell your product or service to both McDonald’s and Burger King, wouldn’t you? We all know that McDonald’s is the number one fast food restaurant in the world but you have to admit that Burger King has its fair share of followers too.



Facebook is just like McDonald’s in the sense that it dominates its competitors but it doesn’t mean its the only one people go to. Let’s just say that Facebook had half of all followers… wouldn’t it be worth putting some marketing effort on the other half of all followers who don’t use Facebook?


2. There Are Billions of Tweets


The second reason you should be everywhere? Is because TWITTER has produced over 163 Billion Tweets since its inception…  Imagine if only 1% of those TWEETS were about your business? It would never happen but for that split moment… wouldn’t it be nice.


Twitter has a large and growing audience. In regards to instant or ‘on demand’ news Twitter can almost beat out Google for instant news. If you are wondering how that may be possible, just think about how quickly people tweet things as they happen. ip2adr It’s the go to service for letting people know what is going on NOW.


3. Instagram Posts Millions of Photos A Day


The third reason why you should be everywhere is because more than 5 million photos are uploaded to INSTAGRAM EVERY 24 hours. Where was your companies photos?


You don’t only have Instagram for photo sharing but you’re  also dealing with the social media growth of Pinterest. Both have created their niches and opportunities for business owners to use them creatively. You have millions of people using these services and so many companies that have found creative ways to use these services to promote their businesses.


4. Social Media is No Longer JUST An Option


The fourth reason you should be everywhere is because Social Media is no longer an OPTION, Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing plan. Twenty years ago many people thought that the Internet was going to end up being some type of fad… But now its part of our everyday lives.


Unfortunately social media has created the same result. It’s here to stay and it’s becoming one of the key online tools that companies will need to learn how to use for their business or find themselves beaten by their competitors.


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